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The 2015 Intensive Course will be held at The Studios 661 Rayleigh Road Hutton Brentwood CM13 1SS   Telephone 01277 200768

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We have arranged accommodation in the form of twin and triple rooms on a designated floor at the Premier Inn Brentwood and these will be allocated in accordance of age and gender. Accommodation is en-suite. All bed linen is provided, but everyone should make his/her own bed and provide soap and towels. Students in residence will be under the supervision of specially appointed house persons and staff, who will be staying on the same floor as all the resident students.

The course schedule will be available upon arrival and rules will be on the notice board at both the Accommodation location and the studios on the day of commencement. The rules of the Course must be strictly observed.

Residents should arrive between 4pm and 6pm on the Sunday and should leave on Saturday afternoon from 5pm onwards at the studios. Non resident students should arrive by at 8.45am on Monday. The Course ends at approximately 4.30pm on Saturday 20th.

Daily breakfast, lunch, coffee and hot drinks are included in the fees for Residential students only. Meals for non-Residents are available upon registering and a pass for these can be purchased upon full registration.

All students: normal practice wear and ballet shoes.

Girls: black or dark leotards, pink tights (if possible). Girls are expected to bring Pointe shoes with them.

Boys: black or grey tights.

In addition, students need just their outdoor clothes and usual practice clothes. Please name-tag all your personal property to prevent loss.

Student’s money
Residential students do not need to bring money with them, but may bring a little spending money should they go in to town. Spending money is at parent’s discretion and the student is solely responsible for its safekeeping. South East Ballet Scholars will not be responsible for any loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Evening Activities?
Yes, almost every evening there is something happening Quizzes and Lectures.

Can we go into Brentwood Town Centre?
Yes, if over 16 years old, younger children may go into the town once the Directors have written permission from either parent or guardian.

Will I Receive Any Communication Or Welcome Pack Before The Start Of The Summer School?
No. Once you have been accepted there will be no further communication. Thereafter, everything you need to know can be found here on the website. We will add any other FAQs that arise before the course.

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