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Ballet is for boys too! Male ballet dancers have to be strong and athletic – you only have to see the size of the thighs of a male principal to know that they train hard. And they play a critical part in a ballet performance – who else can lift the leading lady high above their head and hold her low above the stage? The Pas de Deux wouldn’t happen without a strong male lead.

Male dancers don’t just play the princes, soldiers and pirates, they bring a strong presence to the stage and a balance of the masculine to the feminine. Matthew Bourne’s all-male swans and cygnets in his version of Swan Lake are a prime example.

Richard Winsor (centre) in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. Photograph: Tristram Kenton

Richard Winsor (centre) in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake. Photograph: Tristram Kenton

Male dancers are always in demand and boys that choose dance over other sports have a very good chance of high achievement in their dancing career. And of course, we know that many other sportsmen take ballet classes to improve their strength and performance – even rugby players! Ballet is demanding, rigorous and requires a level of personal fitness that goes beyond most other sports.

Our Boys Only Curriculum gives boys the grounding they will need if they choose to follow a career in dance, and if they decide to become a footballer instead, then they will be all the better for their ballet training. It didn’t do Rio Ferdinand any harm (he gained a school scholarship to the Central School of Ballet) – he credits his early ballet training for his success as a footballer, improving his timing and his balance.

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