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South East Ballet Scholars was developed in 2007 by Principal Bronwen Patching. The programme is specifically for talented students who aspire to a career in dance and every student who has participated in the programme since its inception has gained a place at one of the prestigious summer training schools for classical ballet.

Not just for girls, the SEBS programme has a Boys-only curriculum too so that talented young male dancers can reach their potential. Read more about Ballet for Boys here.Tom

Three of our 2014 graduates have secured 12 offers and two scholarships to elite classical ballet colleges. Tom Holdsworth joins the English National Ballet School, Charlotte Ball joins Rambert Classical and Hannah McGlashon joins the Contemporary School. Other students have secured places on The Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet School and Elmhurst Ballet School summer programmes.

The SEBS programme has been developed to complement student’s ballet training with their current teacher and they are expected to continue study with their regular dance tutor in addition to the SEBS classes.

SEBS tutors are all highly experienced in the world of classical ballet as performers as well as tutors. We feel it is important that students learn from the best in order to find the best within themselves, and that they learn about the reality of a career in dance.

Dance is a vocation, a calling, and requires dedication and often sacrifices. As well as dance talent, students need to understand the commitment and dedication that will be required of them. SEBS will help them achieve their best both physically and mentally and give them the support and training they require to be successful in the world of dance. To this end, all classes are small and places limited. Classes are also accompanied by live musicians.

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